Get Mobile

Admit it! You don’t mobilize enough.  You work all day (probably sitting down for hours), you drive to the box, spend five minutes with a broom stick, start lifting and wondering why your squats feel so much harder today. You do your 15 minute met con, grab your keys, drive home and sit on the couch for the rest of the evening.
I get it, you have to make dinner, pick up the kids and clean the house but….
No wonder your hips are aching and you can’t pb your snatch. You will also ALWAYS suck at pistols too. (They will not just magically happen, you have to work on predominantly ankle flexion EVERY SINGLE DAY to get even remotely close to being able to perform even one single decent pistol).
Kelly Starrett mobility god says that it’s the first and foremost important aspect of your training. If you have poor range of motion and can barely get into an overhead squat position, there is no way you should be attempting a high rep overhead squat workout with anything more than just the bar or even broomstick let alone thinking about
rx’ ing just because all the other guys can. This even applies to more skilled athletes. You may look half decent in the squat but if your biomechanics are just slightly off because of say restricted T spine mobility, overtime you will breakdown, won’t recover properly and injure yourself (take it from me).
Don’t you want to perform as efficiently as possible? Lift heavier and not ruin your shoulders? There is no excuse to not having at least a spare 10 minutes a day to work on something. Ideally spending say 4 minutes on your G.O.A.T ( greatest of all time) mobility issue and then the remaining 6 minutes improving your R.O.M relevant to the task you are about to tackle that day.
If you simply just can’t stretch straight after class, which would be the most productive time to do long deep stretches that aids in recovery, Doing them WHEN EVER you can is much better than not at all. Check out, ask your coaches and fellow athletes, watch what others are doing and just start doing something!!
You would be surprised by how much improvement you can actually make rolling and stretching out your tight muscles and joints. You don’t need to nerd out on specifics and know why loosening the fascia on the soles of your feet will improve mobility higher up the chain like in your hamstrings therefore improve your deadlifts. (But it’s a fun fact to know 😉 ). Just start doing it.
For those of you who think that you are not an athlete, are just here to workout and don’t need to improve your snatch because you will never compete, think again. Moving efficiently is not just so you can pb your lifts. It is so your body is moving correctly, safely and wants to move again the next day. You will enjoy your workouts more, sleep better and feel better with a little bit of mobility in your day. XO


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